Canterbury is a picturesque city which is rich in history. The

Canterbury Tours

Home to the most fascinating stories of the country, Canterbury is shaped by its rich history, serene nature, and mesmerizing people. From Romans to knights, royalty to saints, and pilgrims to playwrights – from the breathtaking River Stour to the wandering bison and rolling vineyards, the tours in Canterbury are the best!

In this guide, we look at the many historic and eye-catching places Canterbury boasts and the various tours you can take. So get ready as we help you plan an exciting and happening itinerary to explore the wonderful coast, city, and countryside of Canterbury.

About Canterbury

The city of Canterbury is no less than a beacon set among the breathtaking scenery of the Garden of England. The first glimpse you’ll get, literally from any approach, is usually of Canterbury’s most splendid cathedral, which serves as a living reminder that people have been coming here and making pilgrimages for centuries. UNESCO has acknowledged Canterbury as a World Heritage Site, highlighting landmarks in the history of Christianity in Great Britain. However, this isn't the only thing people from all over the world come for. Compact and full of life, Canterbury offers all the perks of a contemporary city with pavement cafes, bustling shops, restaurants, and pubs sitting alongside each other with spectacular Gothic architecture, medieval timbered buildings, outstanding museums, historic churches, serene parks, and a picturesque river situated at its heart. There are endless things to do and a plethora of places to see in Canterbury, so you’re definitely bound to have an exciting itinerary planned out for yourself.

Things to Do and Places to See in Canterbury

Some of the must-do activities while you’re visiting Canterbury include taking a historic Canterbury river tour on the breathtaking Stour, taking a fascinating look into Canterbury’s Roman roots, and enjoying one of the finest Canterbury leisure tours, guided tours, and/or river tours. Canterbury is full of the most captivating architecture and rich history, which is best explored on foot. Walking tours in Canterbury are the best way to grasp the wonders of this beautiful city. Surrounding the city are the remains of the medieval walls, including a medieval gateway housing a small museum known as the Westgate Tower, which is still remarkably intact. More of Canterbury’s history can be observed at the Canterbury Heritage and Roman Museums. Sports fans can keep a check on the schedule of the famous Kent County Cricket Club’s Spitfire Ground, St. Lawrence, which is considered to be one of the country’s most astounding cricket grounds.

Best Canterbury Tours

Here are some of the best Canterbury Tours you can plan on your visit to this incredible country.

Canterbury River Tours

Canterbury River Tours on the alluring River Stour, which flows through the city and passes by some of the loveliest sights and buildings, is one of those things you absolutely cannot miss. Passengers can just sit back, relax, and truly enjoy the incredible ride. An expert oarsman and guide reveal the most attention-grabbing points of interest, from the hidden serenity of the 13th century chapel of Greyfriars to the most contemporary Marlowe Theatre. Past this, you’ll be treated to the most enchanting views, such as the Blackfriars Monastery, now a wonderful extension to the esteemed King’s School, which connects onto the quiet and picturesque Solly’s Orchard. On your journey, you’ll also come across various sites and medieval industrial buildings, like the 16th century timbered Old Weavers’ Cottage and two of the most famous 12th-century bridges, giving you a completely new perspective on the city.

Canterbury Walking Tours

The city's heart can ideally be best explored on foot since most of the places inside Canterbury are quite old. There are many historical sights you will get to see. Taking the time out to walk amongst Canterbury’s ancient history is bound to transport you to a different time. With the walking tours of Canterbury, you can enjoy a fantastic time as your tour the cathedral precincts and historic streets, with the most entertaining guides letting you all in on the country’s most well-kept secrets. On your Canterbury walking tours, you’ll get to learn everything about this world-famous city, dating all the way back from Roman times to the present day. So put on your most comfortable pair of shows and enjoy spending time strolling about the city.

Canterbury Guided Tours

The Canterbury Guided Tours will definitely amaze you and your family on a whole new level as your get a chance to discover the rich, deep history and architecture of one of the most marvelous cities of England. In the Canterbury Guided Tours, you are led by qualified and expert guides to the historic city on foot. During your guided tour, you will be taken back in time across the medieval lanes, packed with spooky yet exciting stories of ghosts and murders and countless renowned characters who have also visited or lived in the past. Guided tours are the ideal way to get a view of the plethora of sights and explore the main streets of Canterbury, which are deemed the most beautiful of all. Some other monuments you can visit are Christ Church University, St. Martin’s Church, St. Augustine’s Abbey, and England’s most famous and oldest cathedral, the Canterbury Cathedral. You will also come across famous canals like the Canterbury Wall and the King’s Mile, a popular area filled with cafes and shops.

Canterbury Tours from London

Anyone who is visiting London should definitely consider visiting the mesmerizing Canterbury city at least once. Canterbury Tours from London usually comprise full-day tours of places like the Kent Coast, Leeds Castle, Dover White Cliffs, and Canterbury Cathedral. You can spend an entire day sightseeing, where you can first head over to the Garden of England. This will be followed by discovering and enjoying some of the most fantastic treasures of Kent, including visits to the historic Canterbury Cathedral, the romantic Leeds Castle, and the dramatic White Cliffs of Dover. Set amid a natural lake and encompassed by over 500 acres of lush gardens and parklands, the Leeds Castle is described as the world’s loveliest castle. Next, you can make your way to Canterbury and visit the prehistoric Canterbury Cathedral, which should rank top of the list in your bucket list of things to do in Canterbury. And once you arrive at Dover, you can witness the jaw-dropping White Cliffs, standing 400 feet high above sea level.

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